was established in 2001 and was officially launched, in March 2004 at the House of Lords. The first commercial research programme conducted by the DERF was ;

  • Research into the safety aspects of dual-controlled vehicles used on driving tests; and on professional driving lessons.
  • Since then other programmes have included:
  • A History of Driver Education in the UK 1900-2000
  • A Practical View of Advanced Driver Education
  • Strategic Approach to Continuous Professional Development in Driver Education
  • Speed Cameras & Road Safety
  • The Effectiveness - or otherwise - of Excessive Road Signage on Driver Safety
  • A Comparison of Separate Hazard Perception Training and Testing Methods; for Novice and Experienced Drivers
  • A Constructive Approach towards the Production of all levels of University Qualifications in Driving Instruction
  • Transference of Car Driving Observation Skills to the Requirements of Railway Engine Drivers

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